Eyo Blog!

This is nice. HELLO WORLD!

My name is Shirley Tang – born and raised in Alfred, NY, and currently a Junior studying Civil Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. One of my friends has been raving about the joys of blogging, but I never felt like I did anything consistently to blog about (aside from studying and various other things that really aren’t too exciting)


I decided a summer goal of upping the cooking skills. And what better motivation can a person have other than the prospect of making and eating delicious food!?!

SO here we go! Hopefully I update this enough to make it bloggy.

Here’s a taste of what you’re in for:
Chocolate cake mix cookie man - BEFORE
Chocolate Cake Mix Cookie Man – BEFORE
Chocolate Cake Cookie Man -After
Chocolate Cake Mix Cookie Man – AFTER

2 thoughts on “Eyo Blog!

    1. Hey, Lora!

      Yeah – we used a devil’s food cake mix! Just had to modify the wet ingredients a little – one egg, half stick of butter, and a quarter cup of water/milk! They actually turned out pretty tasty! Really soft a little chewy

      Thanks for commenting!

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