I Finally Cooked Something! (Really! :D)

Finally!! I made something legitimately foody! WOO.

Whether this is the product of ambition or procrastination for the test I have on Wednesday, the result was mega tasty!

But anyway,

I decided to start off this cooking-ness with something pretty simple: chicken stir fry, steamed carrots, and rice!

I began by steaming the carrots and rice. I figured while that was going, I could do the stir fry part, and it would all magically finish at the same time and come together in perfect and delicious harmony.
Also, I LOVE using this steamer/rice cooker that my parents got me!  There’s a rice cooker part on the bottom, and then an additional steamer thing that you can put on top of the rice cooker which also fits the lid of the rice cooker. As it cooks the rice, the water from the rice cooker will also steam whatever veggies are on top!


So that got going, which meant I could chop up my ingredients for the stir fry!


Didn’t have much..but onions, green onions, and chicken are still a great combo! Especially with some chili powder and black pepper 😀

So these two guys went in first along with a few shakes of the black pepper shaker and chili powder. I cooked them on medium until the onions were pretty clear, then pushed them over to one side and added the chicken!

In the pan!

The chicken also got some fancy seasoning! Once that was cooked (which took about 3-4 minutes on high – I kind of moved the pan halfway off the heat so that the veggies wouldn’t get burned but the chicken could still cook), I stir fried everything together and it looked pretty nice!

Mixy Mixy

And then an idea struck me!! I remembered that I had just cut up a pineapple this morning and had three big containers in the fridge!! So I scooped half the dish from the pan and put it on the plate, then added some little chopped up pieces of pineapple to what was left on the stove.



Put that on the plate, added the carrots and rice, and BAM!


I was trying to decide whether I preferred the stir fry with or without pineapple. It was tricky because  they were both pretty tasty, which makes sense, because they were pretty much the same thing. While the pineapple added awesome pineapply flavor, the chicken in that batch was also a bit drier because it cooked about a minute or two longer than the other batch. Both awesome though!


Good stuff!
Until next time!


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