Leftovers :D

Last few days have been pretty hectic – haven’t really gotten a chance to cook 😦 Maybe I’ll do something fancy tomorrow, or study for my exam Wednesday? Hmmm..

Well, I did kind of cook! A good friend I used to do bible study with came over and made dinner with me and my roommate! We made this pretty sick one pot rice thing, which I forgot to photograph, and a simple pasta with homemade tomato basil sauce! Sue even added some of her super-fresh-few-hours-earlier roasted chicken to the sauce! SO GOOD.


Seriously, that pasta sauce was amazingly easy! Just chopped up some garlic and cooked it in a pan with sliced up tomato until the tomato got mega goopy (mmm..tasty adjective). Near the end, we added a few leaves of basil for extra deliciousness.= SAUCE

And then the restaurant I work at added a new special sandwich – Roasted Pulled Chicken with Chipotle Coleslaw (I KNOW.)
Of course, there was nothing stopping me from immediately getting the glorious sammich.

Om nom

It was pretty incredible. Perks of working at a restaurant: free meal for working! 😀

So that really awesome sandwich + lots of pasta and rice leftovers = not much cooking for a few days. Hopefully I’ll get into it more consistently after this test! I definitely just remembered a carton of eggs I need to get to pret-ty soon..



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