Three Rivers Art Festival

This doesn’t really have anything to do with cooking, but …

The annual Three Rivers Art Festival – tons of great food, vendors, art, and music! Just a quick recap of what went down when I went this past Friday with a group of friends!

Edward Sharpe – #WOW

Awesome Paper Cutting Guy – Upon first glance, you may see just a cute and carefree Asian man with a funny hat and scissors happily cutting paper. But looking through his wares, there’s no missing the detail that is put into each works. Also a plus – his booth held some of the festival’s most affordable pieces.

Wooden Key Holder Magnets – Pretty cool – just put your key ring on a magnet and it’ll stay! Then when you need it, you just grab it and go!

Eco-Friendly Watches – Mistura Watches ( creates extremely artistic and stylish time pieces from natural and recycled materials such as wood, recycled paper, and recycled aluminum. Each watch is handmade and absolutely incredible. I also met co-founder Daniel Schemel while browsing and he’s ridiculously charming!

Re-opening of Fountain – Really awesome – apparently they lit it up the first night after it got dark, but it still looked great in the sun!

Fire Eating Girl – Intense! The kids around loved it, though!

So yeah – if you’re in Pittsburgh, and haven’t checked out the Arts Festival yet, GO! Events run through June 16th in various locations in the Cultural District.



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