Cornbread Waffles

Walking through the aisles of Aldi’s, I saw a 52 cent mix of generically branded cornbread. It was just good and delicious of an offer to pass up, so I bought three boxes šŸ˜€

Rushing home, I pulled out my Wafflizer, a bowl, and a cup of water, and began mixing the batter for the tasty concoction. It worked out perfectly for the waffle iron (as most things do).

photo 5 photo 4

However, after a few “plain” cornbread attempts, I went for some fancy fixins.

Ended up trying Sriracha Sauce, Cinnamon, Taco Seasoning, and Chocolate Chunks.


Surprisingly (or not??!) the Sriracha was my (and my roommates’) favorite “flavor” of cornbread waffle for this round.
photo 1

I love living on the edge!



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