Waffle Omelette

OKAY. This is my new favorite thing of ever. WAFFLED OMELETTE!

I looOOoOve eggs. In every form; scrambled, sunny side up, baked, soup form, AND WAFFLED.

I’m usually pretty pressed for time in the mornings before work, so making something relatively fancy like an omelette is a pretty big accomplishment. Today, I had decided I had enough time to make an omelette and still leave by 6:45 AM to get to work. At 6:43 AM when I still hadn’t gotten the egg/green onion/mushroom mixture in the pan, the bread was still in the freezer, and I still needed to put socks on.

I simultaneously panicked and had an incredible revelation.

The wafflizer was just sitting on the counter, so I quickly sprayed it, plugged it in, and poured the egg mixture in! The frozen bread slice went on the other half. I then closed the lid and prayed for success while going to find socks.

Upon my return, I opened the lid, and saw THIS.

photo (6)

Tears. OF JOY!

With the wafflizer unplugged (safety first!) and the omelette extracted from the iron, I put on my steel toed boots and left my apartment at 6:44!




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