Waffle Hash Browns

More potatoes! Yeah – still trying to use them up! My consumption of potatoes has definitely skyrocketed since coming to college, but mostly in the form of French Fries…Yay Pittsburgh!

A couple of my friends came over and experimented with different waffle techniques, but this one was definitely the one that ensured cooking AND the least sticking/falling apart!

The tricky thing about this is that since there’s no “binder” to hold them together other than themselves, they can fall apart very easily – especially during extraction from the waffle iron. They need to be removed very slowly and carefully! The slightest pull can end up removing a sizeable chunk of the hash brown (which…not the end of the world, but not great for pictures).

I’d personally suggest using the handle end of a spoon or fork and beginning by loosening the outside edges of the hash brown, then slowly working towards the middle! Also, having a grater would have helped…A LOT. But I got really good at cutting potatoes into thin strips.. 😉

Hand cut potato strips!
Hand cut potato strips!

Waffle Hash Browns:
2 Medium Sized Potatoes

1) Cut or grate the potatoes into very thin strips short enough to fit in your waffle iron. Season as desired!
2) Arrange the potato  strips on the waffle iron (Nonstick spray first!)- try to have a solid 1/2″ layer of thickness to the potato layer.
3) Close the waffle iron lid and allow to cook for about 2-3 minutes
4) Press down on the waffle iron lid as much as you can and cook for another minute
5) Repeat until you can close the waffle iron lid all of the way – not allowing any heat or moisture to escape (Mine has a little clip to keep it closed – CONVENIENT)
6) Cook for approximately 10-15 more minutes, then remove from waffle iron. EAT

Into the Iron!
Into the Iron!
Finished Waffle Hash Brown :D
Finished Waffle Hash Brown 😀



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