In Limbo…

So, sorry for the lack of posts 😦 I get mild test anxiety, so every moment leading up to my final (which was yesterday and was ok) was pretty jittery.

BUT NOW IT’S OVER! After leaving, I definitely was going to go home and waffle something, but then I realized…

I have no home ._.

All of my stuff…you can see the waffle iron there under the water boiler! ❤

I had to move out of my summer apartment last Saturday because the lease was ending, but my new lease doesn’t start until August 5th, so I have this nice week of being a hobo and living out of my car. Woo! Luckily, the weather in Pittsburgh is super mild this week ❤

Also, I found this the other day and thought it was pretty funny


Anyway, once I have a homey home again, there will be waffles. Soooo many waffles!



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