Waffled Banana Bread and Not-Waffled Pumpkin Pie Bars with Gingerbread Crust


It’s been awhile! School has sufficiently taken over my life and stolen my soul. A lot has happened in the last few months, including some waffling adventures I just never had the time to post about! But, the biggest news:

Square waffle iron is no more! He passed on peacefully one day as I was about to waffle some biscuits. It is tragic, and the little guy is still sitting on my shelf waiting for a proper burial. Since then, though, I have obtained this awesome ROUND waffle iron! $10 from Aldi’s, so can’t complain too much! It even has a nifty setting to change the level of heat that it cooks at!

Anyway, for today, there’s a big pile of banana bread waffles on the kitchen table and a plate of outrageously orange pumpkin pie bars.

Both came from mixes from Aldi’s (#Aldi’s :D) and were pretty easy and turned out well! They were also a good excuse for some quality roommate bonding time! I would write directions, but we really just followed the ones on the box.

4 3 2

The only thing to note about waffling was that turning it to max heat tended to cook the outside of the bread really quickly, but not quite reach the inside in time. I found that setting it to a 7/10 setting worked perfectly for awesome golden-brown-ness. They were pretty good, but I’d still probably prefer to do the homemade waffled banana bread!

1 7 5

We also made Pumpkin Pie Bars and allowed those to bake while we waffled the banana bread. These were also pretty good, but the color is still making me nervous to eat them! So much orange!

Pumpkin Pie Bar

Side note – during this entire adventure, we were watching a Too Cute video playlist. If you have never seen it before, I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s ridiculously fantastic…so many cute things!




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