Sea Waffles

Walking through the aisles of CVS the other day, I spotted this gem:

sea waffle

It took every ounce of restraint in me to not buy it right then! I went home and continued to study for my finals.

Fast forward to post-finals. In my weakened and vulnerable state, I somehow found myself back at CVS, combing through the items on the shelves in search for the elusive sea themed waffle maker. I eventually found it – the last one of its kind – right between a crockpot and a magic bullet-esque mini blender. I purchased the beautifully packaged appliance and went home to test it out!

Upon opening the box, I realized that the waffle iron I just purchased greatly resembled my original wafflizer (if it had been bright turquoise and had sea animal shapes) – I’m not ashamed to say I teared up a bit. Anyway, whipped up some plain ol’ waffle batter, nonstick sprayed the ridges, and started waffling!

sea2 sea

Results: Beautiful! The only tricky part was that it was reallllly hard to get the batter to fit into all of the ridges on the outsides of the shapes (ex. seahorse tail, crab claws), so the first few came out deformed. For the most part though, this was definitely a great purchase, and I can’t wait to start making non randomly blobby waffles!

sea wafflesea4

Also, since I’m back on co-op now, I’ll have more time for fun things like waffling! And social interactions!



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