Waffle Dumplings DO Work!

One of the things I had tried during my first waffle expedition was frozen dumplings. While my expectations weren’t too high, the result was still disappointing. The dumpling kind of just got ripped open and all of the filling spilled out, mixing with the puddles of water that had resulted when the ice crystals around the dumpling melted. Not pretty.

BUT. I realized that the fatal flaw may have been using frozen and hard dumplings. What if I used delicious and soft freshly wrapped dumplings!? One thing I can always count on when coming home for break is at least one afternoon of dumpling making, so I waited until that day to test out my theory.

It took a few tries to get the technique down, but after that, it was smooth waffling and the results were great! The dumplings tasted as though they had been cooked pan-fried style, chewy and crispy on the outside, and they held up well enough to dip in some tasty sauce! Unlike when I usually pan-fry dumplings, though there was no concern about them being cooked properly, because being able to close the lid and slightly steam the dumplings ensured that they were cooked the whole way through.

There isn’t really a concrete recipe to this – Mom adopts the traditional way of dumpling filling making which involves ground meat and whatever veggies you have to make whatever ratio you want 🙂 This particular time, we had a nice mix of ground pork, celery, and bok choy! The dumplings were wrapped up as desired (flatter for waffling) and placed in the waffle iron! The lid was then set down on the dumplings (Not pressed down all the way) for about  15 seconds. After the indentations had cooked into the dumpling the lid was pressed down all the way until steam started coming out the sides of the waffle iron (about 15-20 more seconds), indicating that the dumpling was done! The dumplings were then removed and plated like a pro, checked for doneness (if it feels pretty firm when poked), and nommed.

photo 3 photo 2Plated Waffle Dumplings

Excuse me while I eat a dozen of these wonderful creations.

-Shirley 😉


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