Homemade Dark Chocolate Dipped Almond Coconut Bars

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I got all of my grades back for the semester and am super super pleased with everything! To celebrate, I took to one of my favorite blogs of all time, Bakerella, for a tasty recipe to make! I found a recipe to create something similar to my favorite candy bar: Almond Joy! The ingredients are easy and cheap (just a quick trip to Aldi’s), the process is easy and fun, and the results were delicious!

Dark Chocolate Dipped Almond Coconut Bars [Adapted from Bakerella]

30 Whole Almonds
1 c Powdered Sugar
3 tbsp Almond or Coconut Milk
1/2 tsp Salt
250g Dark Chcoolate

Makes 30 delicious tasty coconut goodness bars

First, mix the powdered sugar and milk in a bowl until a thick paste is formed. Add in the coconut and salt and mix until doughy. Form the coconut dough into small bars (I made mine roughly 1 and a half inches long and half an inch wide/tall). The bars themselves are very pretty – they reminded me of little puffy snowballs ;). Press a single almond into the center of each log as shown. NICE.

Almond Dark Chocolate Good

Melt the dark chocolate however you melt chocolate…:D I just put mine in a pot and heat it up on medium on the stove, continuously stirring to make sure the chocolate doesn’t burn. But do whatever method works for you! Once the chocolate is all melty and smooth, it’s ready for dipping!

photo 3 Candy Bars Coconut

Place the coconut bars on a fork and dip the in the chocolate, doing your best to evenly coat the entire bar. The fork will allow the excess chocolate to drip through the cracks, but you might have to gently shake the fork to get it super even. Anyway, it will still be delicious. Place the dipped bars on a foil or wax paper covered surface. You can also just drizzle chocolate on the bars, which I did with a couple to see how it looked [still delicious]. Once all the bars have been dipped, stick them in the fridge for a  minute or two or allow them to sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes to harden. SERVE.

photo 5

ENJOY! Woooo holidays ^_^

Mug chocolate candy bars



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