Panda Sugar Cookies ^_^


Baking is not a skill I possess.

But really! I think that’s how the waffling really took off; I realized how terrible I was with mixing things and using ovens, that I resorted to using the waffle iron! That way, I avoid the oven and I can also play off any weird textures/colors/tastes as a side effect of using the waffle iron.

However, there are some things that cannot be waffled (AKA Panda faces), and my friend Erica and I really wanted to make cookies! She had just bought a few ounces of matcha, so we were looking to incorporate that into the cookies. After seeing a recipe for matcha panda bread, we figured we’d give a try and making it in sugar cookie form.

First, we made the dough for our favorite sugar cookie recipe. We ended up using one that Erica brought over, so I can’t properly credit it! (I’M SORRY, MYSTERY SUGAR COOKIE RECIPE)

Sugar Cookie Dough

We then separated the dough into 3 bowls. One was left plain, one was mixed with a tablespoon of cocoa powder, and the last was mixed with a tablespoon of matcha. We then proceeded to roll out the dough using the guides from this recipe for panda bread! Since we were using a drop vs. roll sugar cookie recipe, it was a little harder to mold, but still very doable.

panda12 panda14 panda10

To be honest, we were pretty skeptical at this point about the success of this endeavor. We decided that since we had already made the panda log, as funky looking as it was, that we had passed the point of no return! The roll of dough was wrapped up in plastic wrap to preserve the shape and chilled for 20 minutes in the fridge.

After removing it from the fridge, the dough roll was then sliced into 20 pieces as shown. We squealed in delight at how cute they looked! There was hope!

panda-roll panda-cookie-roll

Adorbz! The kitchen was filled with delightful shouts of “OMG so cute!” and “Yay it looks like a panda!”


The cookies were then placed on trays to be baked!


After 9 minutes in the oven at 375 degrees, the cookies were removed and marveled at, as Erica and I danced around the kitchen in joy that we didn’t mess them up.

Side note, I actually DID waffle two of the cookies (the ones at each end of the log were a little funky), and they looked really weird. But still tasted delicious!

panda7 panda-waffled panda5 panda4

Sorry pandas…

All in all, a super fun morning with a good friend! We also brought a bunch of cookies to our co-workers at the cafe, where they were happily received!

Until next time!



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