Dill Pickle Chips

I love pickles! ❤ Crunchy, refreshing, and delicious! I try to always keep at least a jar on hand to snack on – although this past weekend I ran out OTL. Since I had plenty of cucumbers and vinegar, I decided to try to make my own batch, since I’d heard it was a pretty simple method.

*This recipe is something that I came up with by kind of blobbing together other recipes I’d heard. It was just a mix of the main ingredients (cucumber slices, water, vinegar, dill) which ended up working, but I’m planning on refining this recipe as I continue to perfect my pickle technique!

Dill Pickle Chips;

One medium cucumber (~8-9″ long, ~1.5″ diameter)
2 Dill Sprigs
1 cup Vinegar
1 cup Water
Chopped Garlic Clove
Spices (If you want to add some extra flavor! I like adding chili powder and chili flakes for spiciness, but anything will work! Experiment!)
A jar! (I used a quart sized jar)

1) Slice cucumbers  – personal preference how thick you want the slices to be. The thinner the slices, the quicker the pickling will happen!

2) Pack the cucumber slices, dill sprigs, garlic, and spices into the pickling jar.


3) Mix water and vinegar in a pot and bring to a boil.

4) Pour the water/vinegar mixture into the pickling jar, submerging all the contents. It’s going to smell amazing (If you’re into pickle smells).

5) Place the jar in the fridge for anywhere from 1 hour (until the contents of the jar are cooled and the pickles are crisp) to forever, depending on how strong you like pickles!

Immediately after adding brine!
After a few hours of pickling!

By the time the pickles had completely chilled, I’d snacked away about half the jar. BUT the ones that were left were satisfyingly pickle-y! It’s such a simple recipe and method, so I’m excited to experiment and see what I can add to liven it up!

Till next time, whoever is reading this,


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