About Me

My Background: I’m originally from Alfred, a little town in Western NY. After graduating from high school, I began studies at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Civil Engineering. Since then, I have begun specialization in seismic/geotechnical engineering and have begun pursuing economics minor in addition to the engineering degree.

Why Waffles?: You may notice while perusing this blog that a majority of my “cooking” involves the use of waffle irons vs. a stovetop or oven. STORY: The beginning of my junior year in college marked my first experience with apartment style living. AKA I could have kitchen appliances that could heat up and there would be no RA to confiscate the item! I decided to bring down from home an old waffle iron that I had received as a gift from my bank a few years earlier, just for the sake of having it around. The week before classes started, a few friends and I really wanted to use it, but we didn’t have any waffle mix/ingredients – but we did have muffin mix, cookie batter, and sandwich ingredients. The waffling adventures then began and since then, I’ve accumulated 3 more unique waffle irons!


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