Pittsburgh Eats

It’s no doubt that in Pittsburgh, one will find a smattering of different cultures and groups. Reflecting all of these different lifestyles are many, many amazing eateries capturing the essence of the people that make up this wonderful city!

Here’s a compilation of some of my personal favorites and must trys so far from my nearly 4 years in this magical place:

Fuel and Fuddle [Oakland] – Awesome selection of beers, burgers, pizzas, and entrees! Smashed Potato Pie YES. Also, their menu goes half off after 11pm, so depending on what you order, your (huge, delicious, take home half) meal would only set you back $4-$5!

Big Shot Bob’s House of Wings [Coraopolis] – Over 150 flavors of wings, and (as far as I know) all delicious! They also have a great selection of pizzas, hoagies, and salads (served with fries and cheese on top; the Pittsburgh way!)!

Mancini’s Bakery [McKees Rocks, Strip District, Market Square] – At least a dozen interesting varieties of bread (pesto, jalapeno cheddar, tomato basil, etc.) plus more standard bread types, all freshly baked and flawless. A loaf of bread usually will cost $2-$3 – very fairly priced! Although my roommate and I will go through it in a few days because we have at least 2 slices with every meal. They also have amazing pepperoni rolls!

Las Palmas [Oakland] – SUPER AUTHENTIC  (or so I’ve heard) TACOS! $2 huge, stuffed tacos with your choice of a variety of meats like chorizo, barbacoa, ribeye, beef tongue, chicken, etc.! Made-to-order and fresh! It’s actually set up in front of a Mexican grocery which also has a lot of interesting items that are fun to peruse!

Colangelo’s [Strip District] – Fantastic (and fantastically priced) Italian style baked goods! Last time I went in, I purchased a chocolate covered macaroon, raspberry mele, chocolate croissant, and huge chocolate chip cookie, and it ended up being around $6! I’ve also heard that they have great pastas and sandwiches for lunch, but have yet to try!

Noodlehead [East Liberty] – Thai noodle dishes and appetizers. For noodle dishes, they let you pick spiciness on level of 1-5, which definitely caters to those who prefer no spice to those with verrrrry spicy tastes! Their pork bun appetizer is also deeeelicious!

Burgatory [Robinson, Fox Chapel] – Great, huge burgers with a large selection of toppings + tasty fries! They also serve spiked milkshakes that definitely have a kick!

DeLucas [Strip District] – Best breakfasts in town! Definitely recommend their breakfast burrito with chorizo. Ahh.

Of course – Primanti’s is a must try! It’s definitely a Pittsburgh tradition that everyone should try at least once if given the chance! I can’t say it’s a favorite of mine, but  the atmosphere there is always pretty fun and the sandwiches are unique!

Lastly, find pierogies somewhere. Hard to go wrong with those things.



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